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Two Shady Characters in a Boulder Alley

"I can't draw at all...

One time I was in Boulder. I took the bus out from Denver. I had a sharpie and some scraps of cardboard that I had pulled from a dumpster, and I sat down with a sign that said 'Terrible Hand-drawn Portraits.' I didn't list a price because you need a license to do that, but when people would ask 'How much?' I'd lean over and say 'one dollar.'

After I'd finish and show them the drawings, some of them would just look at me and say, 'That's horrible, do I really look like that?' and I'd point at the part of the sign that says 'Terrible.' Some people were excited. One girl I knew who went to high school here in Denver told me that two of the boys there had hung their portraits that I had drawn inside their lockers.

When I was done at the end of the day I had gotten enough money to pay for a meal at a diner in town and the bus ride back to Denver."

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