drugs and daydreams: the book

Some sites that we like...

Drugs And Daydreams
        The rest of the website. Has news, pictures, and stuff.

A Riotous Disarray
        Full-length interviews from the A Riotous Disarray zines.

Why Vegan
        Step 1). Consider going vegan.

Veg Web
        Step 2). Eat amazing food.

Voice Of The Voiceless
        Step 3). End domestication.

Gary - Fuck, Yes!!!
        anarcho acoustic powerhouse of hopped trains, shoplifting, and a whole lot of sincerity.

Marry Mannor
        Raise The Stakes Tour co-conspirator and scorer.

        Full version of the film End:Civ examining industrial civilization and how to resist it.

Support Eric McDavid
        Information on imprisoned activist Eric McDavid.

Buffalo Field Campaign
        fighting Montana's Department of Livestock's assault on some of the last wild bison.

Zine Library
        Browse and download other zines and DIY media.

Denver Zine Library
        Real library full of real zines, also hosts shows. Worth the trip to Denver, if you were wondering.

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