Drugs and Daydreams
Drugs And Daydreams:
The Book
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Raise The Stakes Tour
Summer - 2010


a bicycle tour featuring the sweetheart-pop of
Marry Mannor,
and a reading by the author of the book
Drugs and Daydreams.


      In the spring of 2001, two kids set out from Portland, Oregon, bound for San Francisco on bicycles...

        ...I rode a bike I had bought from a thrift store for $2 just a couple weeks earlier. Over the next month and a half, we would sneak into many of the roadside attractions that we passed, spend nights beneath the stars at some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever come upon, stumbled on bikes that would break down in the middle of nowhere, lose all sense of time in the surreal realization of traveling with no predetermined route or schedule, and create connections with people that we still carry to this day.

        From the journals of this trip, I wrote what would become the zine, Drugs and Daydreams.

        Our tour this summer will retrace much of that route. We're carrying instruments and books, riding bikes from Portland, Oregon, to Reno, Nevada; sleeping on beaches and hoping to play music and share this book with people along the way as if each night were a night in our own livingroom full of friends.


Tour Schedule:

June 24 - Portland, OR
@ Red & Black Cafe - 400 SE 12th Ave - 7pm

June 27 - Astoria, OR
@ The Blue Scorcher - 1493 Duane St - 7pm

June 30 - Manzanita, OR
@ Angelina Manor - House Show!

July 20 - Davis, CA
@ Davis Bike Collective - Intersection of 4th and L Street - 7pm

July 21 - Sacramento, CA
@ Sugar Plum Vegan Bakery - 2315 K Street - 7pm
w/ a new wave baton show by Sacramento's Drop Batons, Not Bombs!

July 25 - Nevada City, CA
@ Cafe Mekka - 237 Commercial St - 7:30pm

July 27 - Truckee, CA
@ Truckee Book And Bean - 10009 West River St - 7pm

July 30 - RENO, NEVADA!
@ The Big White House - 1071 Evans Ave - 6pm dinner - 7pm show!
w/ a performance by Dolly Nomad


Please check back soon for more information.


all shows are free.

a portion from all book and music sales will go to help support various groups - from those fighting against corporate privatization of natural springs to prisoner support funds for environmental- and animal- liberation activists.


marry mannor

A native of the Mojave Desert, Marry Mannor is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who channels broken hearts, childhood nostalgia, and a reverence for the moody isolation of the desert environment into sad and dreamy pop songs.

She can often be found covered in a combination of baking flour and bicycle grease.

To listen to her music, please click here.



The author of Drugs And Daydreams splits most of his time between the coastal northwest and the desert southwest, but has finally come to accept that a sleeping bag and a bicycle are where he feels closest to home.

He can usually be found in his kitchen cooking up some type of vegan feast. He has no formal education in either writing or bookbinding.

More information about his book can be found here.