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the seediest town in nevada

a note from a friend:

'I went to the artwalk in the Pearl District in Portland. One of them had several paintings by this guy, they weren't very good paintings, like the style wasn't very good, and the content made it annoying that they were in this really posh gallery, but anyways, they were of that trainyard that you took me to, where we sat on the bluffs and watched the trains switch cars, and it reminded me of the ocean, just the continuous rhythm and ebb and flow of the trains. Watching them with you that time made me feel the same sort of comfort as I do watching the ocean, just knowing that they always do this, the waves keep coming and going, the trains keep going back and forth like gentle beasts, all the while, when I am sleeping or doing and feeling a million things, they just continue their ebb and flow. I had totally forgotten about that place, and then there it was, framed as a still life. He really didn't capture it.'

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