Why Biking Is an Effective Weight Loss Exercise for Heavy People

Why Biking Is an Effective Weight Loss Exercise for Heavy People

If you are looking for an effective weight loss exercise and not compromise your health and safety, consider biking. Here are the reasons why biking is a good and effective weight loss exercise.

1. Biking is friendly to the joints and plus size bike

Biking is a non-impact form of exercise, which means that it does not place pressure or strain on the joints. Even the heaviest rider and one with knee injury can safely ride a bicycle and drop some weight. With today’s improved bikes which can support even the heaviest person, biking has become an excellent workout option for everyone.

2. Biking strengthens all of the body’s biggest muscles.

When you ride a bicycle, you are able to make use of your biggest muscles — hip muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. You are also able to build lean muscle tissues in our lower body, particularly in the legs and glutes. These are essential in increasing the body’s ability to melt away fat.

3. Biking trains the muscles to shed more fat.

Cycling, especially long rides, can build thousands of capillaries in the legs. This means that the body is capable of distributing more oxygen-rich blood to all working muscles. The mitochondria, the fat-burning structures in the muscles, also get bigger. The increased oxygen flow will help these structures to generate more energy and burn more fat.

4. Biking increases daily calorie burn and plus size bike

Biking also helps increase how many calories you can burn daily. While riding, your body is shedding hundreds of calories per hour. In fact, even if you’re only riding as a recreational activity at a pace of 12-15 mph, you can burn 500-600 calories in an hour. In one week, you can lose more than one pound just by biking for one hour each day. An hour of jogging only burns 350-450 calories per hour while walking only burns 150-250 calories per hour.

5. Biking continues to burn calories long after a ride ends.

Biking stimulates the body to continue burning more calories at a higher speed even if you are already taking a rest after a ride. The body continues to repair and replenish the muscles. In addition, biking increases Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you burn when you are not exercising. Studies show that 30-45 minutes of workout three to four days per week can increase BMR and maintain a high rate throughout the day.

You can have the seat height adjusted just at the right height where you can actually sit upright and place both feet on the ground for balance. The right seat height can lessen the pressure on your sit bones and crotch area reducing the chances of chafing.

The width of the saddle can also contribute to experiencing soreness. If the saddle is too wide, you might experience increased pressure in the crotch region which causes chafing that leads to saddle sore.

While it is essential to wear a good pair of padded cycling shorts, experienced riders warn about wearing thick shorts. These tend to bunch up along the sides of the saddle and hold in sweat. The longer you are in these shorts and with the sweat accumulating in your crotch area, the higher the risk of skin irritation that leads to soreness. It may also cause bacteria build up that leads to infection in the chafed area. It is recommended that you wear a chamois that does not have a seam in the middle of the shorts to prevent unwanted rubbing. Some riders suggest applying chamois cream but you might want to consult your doctor which would be good for you especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you can manage to stand on the pedals for a brief 10 seconds to relieve pressure on your seat, try doing so. This can also help allow blood to circulate along your seat area.

Remember that saddle soreness is common among cycling enthusiasts regardless of weight and length of cycling experience. But it is something that can be prevented so you can enjoy your cycling to fitness and health.

These are the top five reasons why biking is a good and effective weight loss exercise.