bring on the dancing horses

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Living in a disintegrating community center in New York City's Lower East Side and bike rides through the Atlantic region's autumn air.

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there is a danger

There Is A Danger

Goldminers, arsonists, scavenger hunts and shipwrecks - amongst other sources of inspiration.

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too pieces

Too Pieces

Gatecrashing mountain lodges, Disneyland and the city of Las Vegas. This zine was completed for the Dangerous Media Tour in 2004.


here civilization ceased

Here Civilization Ceased

Hopped trains, crashed bicycles and spraypaint stained fingers.


drugs and daydreams

Drugs and Daydreams

Crime, beaches and fucking new wave! A bicycle ride from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California.


          "...Crossing northern Nevada by way of small towns and strangers' cars. Through highwayside waits and 2am casino diners, we passed our time with stories and memories.

          Gamblers have always occupied a fascination of mine. Those who wagered despite risk, despite precedent, despite convention. For the history that you find in the texts is often the self-congratulatory banter of the victor. I've always been drawn to the tragedy and desperation, the acts that fringe on - and oftentimes are fully indulgent in - lawlessness and utter abandon. A gut reaction to the rationalized constraints of civilization. My heroes have always been the ones who defied those who wield the authority. Those who set aflame the machinery, those who have taken knives to the slaveowners' throats..."

this has been a Crime Is Sexy production.