bring on the dancing horses

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Living in a disintegrating community center in New York City's Lower East Side and bike rides through the Atlantic region's autumn air.

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there is a danger

There Is A Danger

Goldminers, arsonists, scavenger hunts and shipwrecks - amongst other sources of inspiration.

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too pieces

Too Pieces

Gatecrashing mountain lodges, Disneyland and the city of Las Vegas. This zine was completed for the Dangerous Media Tour in 2004.


here civilization ceased

Here Civilization Ceased

Hopped trains, crashed bicycles and spraypaint stained fingers.


drugs and daydreams

Drugs and Daydreams

Crime, beaches and fucking new wave! A bicycle ride from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California.


         "...Alright, so the idea of a trip to Las Vegas was brought up somewhere on the Oregon Coast. The Captain had a handy skill of making bus tickets, and we thought a trip to some hell-hole completely out of our way would make a funny little intermission to the bike ride.

         'Kinko's is my travel agent!'

          So we went to a copy shop in downtown Sacramento and in about an hour, we had made $600 worth of counterfeit bus tickets. Now I had sworn before that I would never ride this bus again, but when you are offered a free trip to Las Vegas, you just don't pass it up. Well, maybe you do, but we had a couple friends out there, Ebony and Rock, who we wanted to see. And the Captain had never been to Vegas before, so once again, impulse won out over good judgement, and we were on our way to Vegas!

          Ringo and Bullwinkle came to the bus station with us, ready to provide a distraction in case the bus driver noticed that our tickets, upon examination, weren't all that convincing. But no, not even a second glance. 'Go ahead boys. Second bus in the front.' A wink to Ringo and Bullwinkle as we climbed aboard the bus and took our seats, giggling uncontrollably. Look out Vegas, here we come!!..."

this has been a Crime Is Sexy production.