bring on the dancing horses

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Living in a disintegrating community center in New York City's Lower East Side and bike rides through the Atlantic region's autumn air.

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there is a danger

There Is A Danger

Goldminers, arsonists, scavenger hunts and shipwrecks - amongst other sources of inspiration.

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too pieces

Too Pieces

Gatecrashing mountain lodges, Disneyland and the city of Las Vegas. This zine was completed for the Dangerous Media Tour in 2004.


here civilization ceased

Here Civilization Ceased

Hopped trains, crashed bicycles and spraypaint stained fingers.


drugs and daydreams

Drugs and Daydreams

Crime, beaches and fucking new wave! A bicycle ride from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California.


         "...When I was younger, I used to climb out of my bedroom window at night. My parents asked my why I had taken the screen off the window. I told them that when I couldn't sleep I would sit and look at the stars. This wasn't entirely untrue, though I didn't mention that I was sitting in the park of a nearby school with my 'girlfriend' - or whatever you are in 8th grade. Midnight cast a thrilling hue on the city streets, and we'd walk in the fringes of the lights, treading the line between shadow and night, speaking quietly but feigning fearlessness, all the while blushing and on the verge of buoyant laughter with our nervous excitement. We wanted to be grown up, at an age where we could walk the streets, or even drive them, making the night our own without worrying about curfew violations and angry parents. We were children wanting to play adult games, believing that adult games were similar to our own. But whereas children's games are about imagination and are played on a field with no conceivable boundaries, adult games are formulaic and confined by many walls which stand beyond a child's vision.

          This all ended one night when the tapping on my window awoke my parents but not me. They told me they walked to the window to see a couple kids running away. The screen went back up on the window, but I had already had my taste. Of places where I wasn't supposed to go, and grassy fields and starry skies and passing train whistles in the distance, and discovering an intimacy I was told I was too young for. And only very rarely since that time have I had a similar feeling that the nighttime city belonged to me... to us..."

this has been a Crime Is Sexy production.