bring on the dancing horses

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Living in a disintegrating community center in New York City's Lower East Side and bike rides through the Atlantic region's autumn air.

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there is a danger

There Is A Danger

Goldminers, arsonists, scavenger hunts and shipwrecks - amongst other sources of inspiration.

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too pieces

Too Pieces

Gatecrashing mountain lodges, Disneyland and the city of Las Vegas. This zine was completed for the Dangerous Media Tour in 2004.


here civilization ceased

Here Civilization Ceased

Hopped trains, crashed bicycles and spraypaint stained fingers.


drugs and daydreams

Drugs and Daydreams

Crime, beaches and fucking new wave! A bicycle ride from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California.


         "...I walk the arch-naved walkway overlooking the park. Stopping to read the graffiti. Spraypaint histories of the invisible cities. Light falls through the arcs, sunlight bleeding through a cloudy sky. There are no shadows today. Only the hollow sounds of footsteps. Sitting on a ledge, legs hung over the side, bottle of wine shared, this was done from desire. From passion. Music.

          I slow my walk. Breathe again. Look over the castle ledge. Vertigo. Height. Walking, to one piece of graffiti that catches my eye. A sketch in pencil, in intricate detail. No words, no proclamations of love, or band names, of support or disdain for Fascism. It's a sketch, shadowed, about the size of my fist, signed with no name. A single exhalation, on a wall painted in the breaths of those passionate or intoxicated enough to contribute their own. The simple sketch of a human heart..."

this has been a Crime Is Sexy production.